Wednesday, October 28

Sustainable Solutions

Pan Global seeks to invest in non-energy infrastructure technology and projects that provide environmentally sustainable solutions in place of conventional technology.

The company is seeking opportunities to develop projects in the field of agriculture, building technology and water distribution, amongst others. Our management believes the Indian agriculture sector is ripe for adopting technologies that significantly reduce environmental footprints, such as by improving the efficiency of water use and intensity of land use.

One of the areas we are focusing on is the establishment of greenhouse facilities for growing certain crops, which is a young but growing industry in India.Pan Global believes there are existing technologies in the building sector that are widely used in Europe and North America which significantly improve resource efficiency and which can be adapted to the Indian market. We also believe there are opportunities in the Indian market for water purification and waste-water treatment.

The Company seeks to introduce such technologies in the Indian context. In some cases we may license these technologies from the patentholder. In other cases, the technology is available for general use, so we will seek to develop projects directly.

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