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Pan Global Opportunities

Our Hydro Opportunities in India

Mini-to-small-hydro is a form of exploiting hydropower generating opportunities on waterways with low flow-rates but without damning the channels or having to create a reservoir. These projects generate power by diverting a portion of the water flow, running the water through a turbine, and then returning it back to the water channel – the basic technology has been in use for more than a century around the world, so there is no inordinate technology risk.  These types of projects have negligible impact on the waterway or canal, where there are no fisheries or other similar factors that typically arise in connection with larger hydroelectric projects. Mini and small hydro power generation exploits what would otherwise be wasted energy.

Pan Global has targeted a 5.7and a 9.5MW hydro projects in India for an investment. Due diligence has commenced on the 5.7 MW hydro project. Our intention is to acquire our first project ( the 5.7 MW hydro facility ) during the next few months in a staged acquisition.  Our management team has been working with a number of parties to create a hydro project pipeline, wherein Pan Global would acquire operating and under-development small-hydro projects.  Thus far, we are working with two parties to acquire up to 30 MW of hydro power projects that will produce revenue as soon as the acquisitions are completed, and another 15 MW of projects under development.  We believe we have significant expansion opportunities for small hydro in India, where less than 1 GW of a potential 20 GW of capacity has been developed,  Not only is our team in discussions with various players who have already been issued power purchase agreements, but we are also exploring additional opportunities to explore small hydro potential in other areas, such as where historic technology cannot generate a fair return but best proven technology may be able to be implemented.

Our Agricultural Opportunities

While India currently grows enough food to feed its population, food prices of many commodities have been increasing rapidly and many of India’s prime food growing regions face significant water shortages.  Pan Global management proposes to introduce controlled growing food production to India, wherein we aim to grow certain vegetable and other crops under hydroponic greenhouse growing conditions that are based on proven techniques in North America and Europe.  At present, there are a number of amateur hydroponic greenhouse operators in India.  Pan Global intends to be the first such commercial and professional operation, supplying the nascent market of large chain food retail stores and 5 star hotels.  Under hydroponic greenhouse growing conditions we believe we can produce high quality, organic produce for premium consumers in India.  Hydroponic greenhouse growing conditions confer significant benefits for customers: we can provide more consistent quality, regular schedules

Our Geothermal Opportunities

Pan Global is in discussions with one of the three players who have been issued a geothermal power production license in India.  We intend to assume the development of this project, including the initial engineering and preparation of the detailed project plan, then proceed to being one of the first to generate geothermal power in India.  Currently only the National Thermal Power Corporation and is undertaking a geothermal project in India; we believe we would be ahead of any other developers in exploiting such resources.  We intend to fund the development of said project as well as the construction.

Green Building

During the past 10 years there have been built in India approximately 1,000 LEED certified buildings.  Government building codes and the green requirements of various Indian companies are providing an impetus to house their facilities in environmentally sustainable buildings.  Pan Global aims to not only provide green building tech to Indian developers but to also be a major player in the development of highly environmentally sustainable building projects.  We aim to focus on developing environmentally sustainable residential housing and commercial premises, using best of breed tech adopted to the local condition.

Our Solar PV Opportunities

Many industrial and commercial energy consumers in parts of India face high electricity prices; these prices often exceed the price of electricity generated from solar PV.  For eg, in southern India, many commercial users now pay up to $0.20 per kwh for grid electricity, and the grid is often down and backup generators powered by diesel fuel can cost up to $0.40 per kwh, whereas the cost of solar PV generated power is now $0.16 per kwh or less in parts of India.

Pan Global is in discussions with various Indian companies and Indian subsidiaries of well-known international companies operating in India to undertake the development of various solar PV power generation projects directly on customer sites or supplying power directly to such private customers.  This is directly the result of solar PV having achieved so-called “grid parity”, wherein unsubsidized solar PV costs are less than grid electricity prices.  In this sense, the possibility for solar PV in India is limitless – we face a significant number of clients willing to adopt and host solar PV arrays at their facilities so long as we pay the up front costs.

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